Emirates First Class A-380 Review

The Airline: Emirates Aircraft: Airbus 380 Fun fact: Emirates ranks 4th when it comes to the world’s biggest airlines in terms of scheduled passenger-kilometres flown. It also prides itself on owning the largest fleet of Airbus 380 aircraft in the world, with 104 of them being in service while 58 more are on order. Cabin: First class Layout: 1-2-1 When it comes to flying first class, Emirates always sets the bars high with its Airbus 380 craft. Below is a review to help you bone-up for the flight How to book the Emirates first class tickets There are various ways to fly Emirates first class. The first and most obvious option is through the airline’s frequent flyer program. Below are more options Using the Japanese airline's mileage bank. This option is cheaper as the further you fly, the better the value. To book tickets using this option, simply search Emirates on
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